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The littlest Weasley has arrived.

A petite redhead slammed the side door, and then muttered a curse as she caught sight of her brother. “Ron, what in blazes are you doing here? Mum told you stay home. Even I know when to take a day off.” A resigned sigh was let out as she took his temper with a cool hand. “Git, go home. I’ll tell Millicent.”

After a sneeze-cough, Ron started to reply.  “Millicent’s not –“

“In a good mood. I know and frankly could give a flying kitty’s leap about it.  I’ll not have you falling down because there’s a bee in her bonnet.” Grabbing a hand and pulling him towards his locker to collect the various things needed to go home, she flipped out her cell phone that their mum had given the only girl in the family. Never could be too careful, or so she was told. “Mum, Ron’s sick. He’ll be home soon. Yes, I took it by hand. Hot. Yes, I know to get him home. That’s what I’m doing. Right. Love you too.

“Mum said to tell you that you’re to go right home. Do not stop under any circumstances. She’ll have soup ready when you get there. Percy’s home too. Grumbling about having miss a day of his fascinating accounting career because of an illness.” A very devious grin graced the youngest Weasley’s face. “I hope you have a grand time with Mum and Percy about, making their usual racket.”

In the midst of another coughing fit and unable to speak, he merely glared; a glare that most people would back away from, but since it was a genetic trait of the family, it made her immune. “Get over it Ronnikins, and drive home before Mum calls again.”

Defeated, Ron pulled out car keys and started for the door, then stopped suddenly.  “How are you getting home?”

“I’ll find a ride. Morag or someone will take me. Harry should be here soon. Home, now.” As a replica of their mum, Ginny was very formidable when a notion got in her head. Waving, her brother walked out and towards his car.

Now she got to tell Millicent that she sent Ron home. Oh, this was going to be great fun.

Tracking the older girl down finally (after checking the dog rooms, cat room, training room, and play area) in the office, Ginny took a deep breath. Millie didn’t scare Ginny (the fact was they butted heads often but managed to get along well enough) very often; nevertheless the black cloud hovering around her manager didn’t help.

“I sent Ron home.” Ginny waited for the explosion. Five, four, three, two…one.

“You what?? I’m sorry Weasley, are you a manager and I was just not informed? Or have you taken it upon yourself to start doing my job for me? Think I’m incompetent do you?” The brunette looked thunderous. Ginny just shrugged.

“Millicent, if he were to fall over in a fit of sickness, then you’d be held responsible. And my mum would arrive, completely hacked off, and ready to disembowel someone, which would be you.” With effort, a smile was smothered down. Charlie had taught her how to talk someone out of a bad mood quite well.

“Just…clock in and get on with your work. Potter will be here soon, but until then, you’ll have to pull three people’s work. We’ve a hundred dogs this week, and between us, four people at the moment to work it all.” Turning back towards the computer as a dismissal, Ginny wondered if Millicent was related to her brother’s chemistry professor, that smarmy Snape.

Shaking her head and grabbing a few leads, the little redhead prepared to take Eris out for her walk. On second thought, she grabbed Hippolyta, a much easier dog. And it would annoy Millie that someone else took her puppy. Needling other people was another family trait she treasured. Grinning, Ginny left to walk the dogs. The cat room would still be there when she returned, after all.
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