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It’s a family tradition.

Laurence Moon was a distant relation to Millicent, and only one of two people that had the ability to calm her down. With his auburn colored hair and grey eyes, they looked nothing alike, except their faces. Both had the Bulstrode strong jaw line, and aquiline nose, but there the resemblance ended. One day he had asked his mum how they were related to Millicent’s family, and had been told that Millicent’s mother was his fourth cousin. Both were only children, so their mums had set up play dates until they were school aged, then his family had moved closer so they were able to attend primary school and up together.

It was because of this closeness that Morag had called him and begged the boy to show up to relax his rather irate cousin. Which was how he ended up skiving off his last class of the day to come help out the poor employees. His cousin’s wrath was very explosive at best, and he had a feeling with Potter not showing up, it had enraged her further. She had always been competitive.

Pointing at door, Morag motioned that the girl of the hour was in the office.  Walking quietly into the room, he called out, “Back away from the mechanical device, Miss Bulstrode.”

“Bugger off, Laurie.”  It came out as a growl, one used to scare off non-relatives, but since he was like a brother, it went ignored.

“That’s no way to treat your big brother, Milton.” The easy smile accompanying the taunt went unnoticed.

“I don’t have time for your silliness, or childhood nicknames. Potter’s out, Luna’s gone off into her dream state since she showed up thirty seconds ago, Weasley went home, and Vector’s going to be here in,” she checked the wall clock, “sixteen minutes. Exactly five minutes after Potter is expected back. Now, if you’ll excuse me, some of us have work to do…”

“Oh, Milton. You are just so kind to me.” He turned serious for a moment. “Your father told me he would have paid, if you had only asked.”

“Laurence, I don’t have time to discuss this, but I did ask. He said no for a double major. Therefore, a job was necessary. Now, if you’ll please leave.” Grabbing the latest list of suites to clean, indicating she was done.

“He only wanted was best for you. He didn’t want to see you run yourself into the ground. Now, hand me that list and I’ll go hand it Morag. Hey, do you think she’ll go out of a date with your devilishly handsome cousin?”

The look on his face was too priceless for her to pass up on teasing him. “I’m sure she would love to date Alexander or Joseph, “a wicked gleam came into her eye, one he didn’t notice until it was too late, “but I think you’re equipped with the wrong body parts, love.”

“Such a pity. Blondes are my favorites, especially petite ones that look so cute in hip-hugging jeans and tight tee-shirts.” Grabbing the list and avoiding an outraged attempt at getting it back, he walked into the next room. Stopping when he spotted Potter. Fireworks were about to go off, and he wanted a first row seat.

Just then Millicent walked out and noticed the messy looking Potter. Teeth clenched, knuckles white at her side, the only comment made was, “One more absence Potter and you’re fired; your position is easily filled. No sob stories either. Got that?” An unsually mute Potter nodded and went in the back to set up the little dogs for playtime, while Millicent walked back into the office.

Disappointed, Laurence handed the list to Morag. “Well, that was boring.”

“Don’t worry. Another scene will happen soon. Those two are a mismatch of epic proportions. Thanks for coming; too bad it didn’t help.” The blonde smiled at him, causing a grin to stretch across his face.

He felt a little reckless at the moment, so he asked, “Want to go for coffee sometime?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I though you knew…”

“Oh, right. No. I didn’t mean it like that. Just to go out, something not Millicent related. Friendship only.” Of course, inside disappointment weighed heavy in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t the first crush destroyed; wouldn’t be the last. Besides, she had a quick wit, and that was always a plus in a friend.

Waving goodbye, he stepped outside wondering what to do since his afternoon was free. Ah, he’d go to Bella Donna’s, grab a coffee and see if he could wrangle Blaise to meet him for some gossip.
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