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Character List

Here's the list of characters. It might grow but as of now, this is the current list. I'll announce any additions.

Character List

Bill Weasley – doesn’t work at Paw Pals. Just comes to visit a lot. Picks up Ron every Saturday after work to go to the Burrow. Works with Blaise.

Blaise Zabini – Millicent’s friend; his family boards their Segugio Italiano named Guardiano.  Cool, personality. Black hair, scrawny, likes to tease Marcus and Morag constantly.

Charlie Weasley – works occasionally when needed, but not often. Owns a parrot named Trigger.

Draco Malfoy – arrogant rich kid that comes in occasionally.  Owns a Pharaoh Hound named Imhotep, boards during summer months when family goes on vacation.

Ginny Weasley – helps Hermione with medicine and feeding. Owns a stray pure black cat named Omen. Wants Hermione to date Ron, but knows it won’t happen.

Hannah Abbott – manager of front reception area. Married to Marcus for six months, three months pregnant with twins. Very nice, sweet to everyone; knows most of the customers by name.

Harry Potter – constantly absent; working on last semester to gain veterinary medicine degree; seasonal help only, summers. Best friends with Granger and Weasely. Currently doesn’t own a dog, last one died in spring.

Hermione Granger – runs the medicine and bandaging area, already received degree in veterinary medicine early. Likes Millie well enough, but they don’t get along. Best friends with Potter and Weasley. Owns Griffon Bruxellios named Boris (three-years-old). Has a cat named Crookshanks, an ugly ginger-colored beast.

Laurence Moon – relation to Millicent, almost a brother. Has a crush on Morag. Friends with Blaise as well. Mom owns Bella Donna's. Auburn hair, grey eyes.

Luna Lovegood – works in the cat room. Owns Pagan, a Bombay, and Eclipse, Siamese. Knows Ginny from grade school. Dated Ron in the past for three months; broke up with him.

Marcus Flint – in charge of the kennel part of business; worked only three years longer than Millicent. Can’t stand Seamus, loves to torment Potter, married to Hannah. Owns 2 mixed breeds with Hannah: Roxanne (Cockapoo), Karat (German Shepard/Lab) - and Arrow (Affenpinscher, likes to bark).

Millicent Bulstrode – third in charge, after Marcus and Hannah. Been there since sixteen. Owns Eris, a show dog, Neapolitan Mastiff; Staffshire Bull Terrier puppy named Hippolyta. Grudgingly likes Charlie Weasley. Friends with Blaise, Charlie, and Marcus; stands Hannah for Marcus’s sake.

Morag MacDougal – Niece of Vector. Works part-time when school allows. Comes in when needed. Owns a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Jackhole.

Neville Longbottom – Lives with Gran. Parents died when eight, boat accident. Takes care of the lawn, and grounds on weekends. On weekdays, goes to school fulltime, for a MA degree in Garden Design and History. Owns a cat named Ocelot, a rare breed -- Ocicat, but doesn't board it.

Tonks – Bill’s girlfriend; boards her Tonkinese cat named Wotcher. Clumsy but kind. Marcus cringes at the mess she makes after leaving. Purple hair.

Pansy Parkinson – friends with Blaise and Draco, knows Millie slightly. Boards her mother’s Teacup Poodle named Daisy, and her own English Toy Terrier named Killer.

Percy Weasley – works as assistant in the Parliament. Pompous, overbearing, butts head with even Hermione.

Ron Weasley – Youngest son. Best friends with Granger and Weasley. In school for sports medicine, but pays tuition at Paw Pals. Doesn’t like Flint, Bulstrode, but has a crush on Morag. Can’t afford pet. Been there for three years.

Seamus Finnigan – fashion victim. Lovable attitude, annoys Millie whenever possible. Owns Rocket Man, six–month-old Yorkshire Terrier. Happy-go-lucky.

Vector – absentee owner of Paw Pals. Comes in for surprise visits. Has never fired anyone before.
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