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Millicent's in charge.

A loud voice called “Seamus” and was promptly ignored. A louder command and it still went completely ignored. Hands on her hips, the tall, slightly voluptuous brunette walked over to the blond. “Finnigan. Jock’s walk is over, take him back inside and grab Nestle. Also, that hat,“ here she gestured the faux leopard print cowboy hat he was sporting today, “is not allowed. You know the rules.” Pulling her own dog to the other side of the path, Millicent thought Mr. Vector was barking mad to hire the Irishman, who was usually so easygoing that work wasn’t particularly a priority, but done efficiently nonetheless. Though, since it wasn’t her business she couldn’t very well say anything.

After all, at least he did something, unlike that Potter boy, the true bane of her business life. She should have been working at the front desk, enjoying inputting the animals that come in, and handing them off to other employees. But no, that wasn’t allowed because Potter had skived off…again. The third time in a month, claiming schoolwork. As if she didn’t have that too. Double majoring in economics and accounting was a load and half compared to his single major in veterinary. A grand idea, but the boy was as clueless as Longbottom was to cleaning up the dog poop, which was why Vector had put Neville in charge of preparing the dogs’ breakfast and dinners.

Why couldn’t her friends work here, instead of those moronic imbeciles? Oh, right. Father’s demands that if she wanted to double major he would only pay for half the tutition was what drove her to work at this place. And the pay wasn’t even that spectacular to begin with, barely above minimum wage; its only saving grace was that it didn’t matter if she didn’t look princess perfect.

Tugging on the lead, she commanded, “Walker, come.” The Mastiff looked at her, woofed, and kept walking. “Heel.” Honestly, some people should learn how to train their beasts. Or as the boss makes the kennel assistants and other employees call the brutes,  “precious little angels.” Precious her arse. Walker was nothing but a –


Turning around, she found a petite blonde female calling out.  “Yes, Morag?”

“Vector’s coming in tomorrow. At some point, in any case. You know he’s rather…eccentric and unpredictable. Luna hasn’t shown up, Potter’s barely here on a good day which means this isn’t since he’s not, and Weasley is sick in the bathroom.” A shrug showed that Morag’s hands were tied. “What do you want to do? Marcus and Hannah are out at the convention, meaning you’re in charge.”

This place really was staring to be a pain. Maybe it was time to quit. Maybe. First, she had to sort out this mess. “Which Weasley is sick? We employee the lot, except the one that would actually be useful.”

“Ron, of course. He’s come down with the bug going around.” This was the same bug that had taken down half the staff, making her more irritable with the slackers.

“Okay, first. Send him home, and then call Katie in. She’s always dependable in a pinch. Next, leave a message on Luna’s machine that says if she doesn’t show up tomorrow, I’ll fire her. As you said, I’m in charge so make the threat real. After that, call Potter. Tell him that he best be here in an hour, or his job is gone. We have enough applicants to fill his spot.  It’s almost lunchtime, so tell him that he has until one to get back here. I’ll work on the rest after I take Walker back in. He’s entirely too large for you put back. You’d be able to ride him.” With a nod, Millicent started back inside.

She was going to kill the staff. She just knew it.
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