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Paw Pals

an ongoing Harry Potter AU by SanityInStrife

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All About Paw Pals
This is my (veracity) ongoing HP AU about a group of students who work in a pet kennel that only the elite in the country use. The idea was started by skoosiepants and I'm following suit. It'll be updated less often as hers, however. Only every Sunday, and possibly once more a week. Depending on my life, and how I feel.

All information about breeds and such are researched but if you know something is wrong please feel free to drop me a line (sharptongued@gmail.com). I love comments, adore them really.

Photo Credit: conniebenny. Photo represents Rocket Man, Seamus's doggie. Original Photographer, Yoshiko Konuma.

Important Bits
Character List
Installment One
Installment Two
Installment Three